About Us

About Newgenskin Limited

Newgenskin is an Irish family owned distribution and training company providing training, products and medical grade devices to the beauty industry throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, and parts of mainland UK since 2012. Anna Costello is also the owner of a national and multi award-winning Beauty Clinic specialising in skincare which she set up in 2003 and is also the founder of ACCC - Anna Costello's Cosmetology Community. Anna established ACCC in 2012 in response to the global economic downturn, when she felt salon owners were in much need of business mentoring, support, and comradery between like-minded female entrepreneurs in challenging times. The community still runs strong today where Anna continues to share her award-winning techniques, resulting in growth for the members who participate. There is no charge for this service which is available to our stockists. Our business is a trinity of sorts.

What Differentiates Us?

We partner with professionally prescribed cosmeceutical and dermoceutical skincare brands only, which have proven effectiveness. While this means the end user/client can only access the products from a certified salon/clinic, they are guaranteed to be purchasing product/service from a trained professional, minimising the risk of harm from using unsuitable products, incorrectly. Unapologetically, it also means the salon/clinic owner can maximise their margin on retail sales which they can use to reinvest in training, staff, customer care and comforts, thereby maintaining high safety standards and an ethical code of practice in the customers locality, all the while supporting and creating jobs in the community. We seek high quality stockists with an assured commitment to our standards, ethics, and shared values.

We believe education is at the core of our trinity of beauty: distribution, salon and community. Bioline Jatõ customers can rest assured that they are in the hands of people who use only dermo-compatible active ingredients and formulas, considering the seasonal biorhythms of the skin as the largest organ of the human body, to feed your skin a balanced diet derived from nature using the best delivery systems science has to offer.

We chose to partner with Bioline Jatõ because they were ahead of all other countries in terms of active ingredients, innovation, research and technology and of course, the people behind the brand. That was almost 10 years ago, and we are still wowed today! If you have not already made the move get in touch so we can refer you to your nearest stockist and let your journey begin today.

Training and Education

We have always believed that education is key to continued professional development for every salon owner, beauty therapist and skin specialist. Theoretical knowledge is power and not only stimulates our thinking, but also our understanding of why. Human touch is very powerful, but none more so than the practical methodology of the exclusive Bioline Jatõ ® System which is the pillar of their certified ISO 9001 Education Programme.

We are delighted to be masters in their methodologies which we share with our partners who achieve an unparalleled level of expertise.