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As a leading professional skincare distributors here in Ireland since 2012, Newgenskin parners with world class brands in science, research and education, to ensure the very best skin health results are achieved through professional cosmeceutical and dermaceutical treatments provided by highly trained elite professionals and prescribed homecare.
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Bioline Jato:

Bioline Jato is an offline brand and the products are therefore only available to purchase within a Bioline salon. This ensures a completely professional assessment of the clients needs and provides a tailors prescription specific to the client. All therapists are trained to know the Bioline brand inside out and are considered to be experts in their knowledge of the products and treatments.
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Focus On: Vita+ Cold Cream

A barrier effect treatment with extraordinary nourishing and soothing properties. Intense protection against cold, wind and extreme weather conditions, bringing instant relief and wellbeing to the face.
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Focus On: Active Patch Critical Areas / Constant Diffusion

Patch-treatment with a shock action. It reduces the visibility of the blemishes caused by cellulite and localized adiposity.
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Focus On: Travel Kits by Bioline Jato

Are you looking for both efficient and handy skincare products to take with you? The new Bioline Jato Travel Kits suit all skin needs
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Developed in the Panestetic Technology Labs in Italy, Zoner is a beauty machine that has received an extraordinary success and has led many professionals to gain considerable insights into their business. An innovative and easy-to-use machine combining the effectiveness of the three most effective anti-aging treatments
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Radiolift Technology and Protocol

Tested to reach higher standard of effectiveness in terms of stimulation of collagen production, reduction of signs of aging and skin atony on face and body for a non-invasive antiaging effect. Minimize the appearance of wrinkles for noticeably more youthful-looking skin.


Needle free delivery of the active ingredients using a specific technology in total comfort and safety.

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Man - Mineral Skincare

Discover the multifunctional effectiveness of the new Man line. Multi-purpose products that carry out several actions simultaneously, for reliable aids to men's daily beauty routine.
Innovative formulas, based on precious minerals, meet the main needs of men's skin.

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Hygienizing Hand Cleansing Gel

Hands are the parts of our body most subject to contact with germs and external agents; thus, it is fundamental to hygienize them correctly.
The new Bioline Jato Hygienizing Hand Cleansing Gel is a product with a high concentration of alcohol (at 79% alcohol volume percentage) in full compliance with the official regulations.

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Bioline Jato - 40th Anniversary

Born 40 years ago from the bold intuition of Clara Macchiella Corradini, Bioline Jato has challenged time. From the creation of innovative products to the fine-tuning of an exclusive method, up to permanent professional training, the company has been able to grow by putting the care and beauty of the skin into the hands of its beauty experts.

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