Aesthetic Devices with Medical Standard ISO Certification

Panestetic are world renowned for their experience in manufacturing and distributing aesthetic devices in their medical division. A division which designs and produces aesthetic equipment with the Medical Certification ISO 13485, a standard quality management for medical devices. User-friendly, quality raw materials, elegant design and in particular, the proven effectiveness are the main aspects which characterise Panestetic products.

Our objective consists in offering high-level products to beauty professionals, respecting the highest qualitative and productive standards, and to support the client through an efficient service before and after-sale support to guarantee the maximum success. Specific educational trainings, tutoring service, technical service, master and training courses are only a part of what we offer to clients to support them in the proper use of the equipment and to take the full advantage from its capabilities.

Panesthetic have been involved in the manufacturing and development of aesthetic devices in Italy since 1984. These devices enable the restoration of the function of the connective tissue which has the overall effect of reducing the signs of aging on the skin and treating body imperfections such as cellulite and wrinkles, to name a few.

The devices can perform a variety of treatments ranging from face to body. The treatments include:


  • Microdermoabrasion
  • Radio frequency
  • Ultrasound Facial Device
  • Biostimulation
  • Mesoporation
  • BODY

  • Endodrainage
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Pressotherapy Machine
  • Cellulite Imperfections
  • Radiofrequency Devices
  • Mesoporation

  • Electra Tech Cosmetic
  • Zoner - Antiage Trilogy:

    Three technologies for a winning antiage project

    Developed in the Panestetic Technology Labs in Italy, Zoner is a beauty machine that has received an extraordinary success and has led many professionals to gain considerable insights into their business. An innovative and easy-to-use machine combining the effectiveness of the three most effective anti-aging treatments:

    • PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION works on skin sagginess using an innovative technology.
    • RADIOLIFT technology and protocol studied and tested to reach higher standard of effectiveness in terms of stimulation of collagen production, reduction of signs of aging and skin atony on face and body for a non-invasive antiaging effect. Minimize the appearance of wrinkles for noticeably more youthful-looking skin. (also for arms and neckline).
    • MESOPORATION NEEDLE FREE Delivery of the active ingredients using a specific technology in total comfort and safety.

    Download the Zoner brochure here


    Three technologies to put the extraordinary in your everyday professional facial treatment.

    Easy to use cordless ultrasonic spatula, ideal for a perfect peeling, deep cleansing and delivery of product for even more effectiveness through deeper penetration. This handy device is a common tool in salons, spas and clinics across the world, but new to the Irish Market, giving you a competitive edge to wow your customers. Say bye-bye to manual extractions of comodones and hello to professional ultrasonic extractions.

    • Superficial Exfoliation and Peeling
    • Deep cleansing through disencrustation
    • Deep delivery of active ingredients through iontophoresis

    Download the Sinekron-S brochure here